Inernal changes of managment in our logistics department as per 1.9.2018

We are pleased to inform you about the following personnel changes in our warehouse logistics department in Münchenstein.

From 01.09.2018 Mr. Domenico Spagnuolo-Ullrich will take over responsibility for the warehouse logistics in Münchenstein. Mr. Spagnuolo-Ullrich has been the Sales and Marketing Manager at our company since November 2014 and will continue in this role but with a reduced workload. Mr. Domenico Spagnuolo Ullrich already has in-depth knowledge in warehouse logistics and is a Swiss federal certified logistics manager. He also has many years of experience in international freight forwarding and has experience in project management.

Mr. Roland Portmann, who has been successfully managing our warehouse logistics for several years, will be working from 01.09.2018 in the expanding customs section of Nauta SA, for which he has also been largely responsible.

Also from 01.09.2018, Mr. Patrick Moore, who already has seven years of experience in our Fine Logistics / Fulfillment department, will take over the operational management of the warehouse logistics department. Mr. Moore is a logistics specialist with a Swiss federal certificate.

We wish Mr. Spagnuolo-Ullrich, Mr. Portmann and Mr. Moore continued success in our company, especially in dealing with their new challenges.