Nauta SA—headquartered in Pratteln—was founded in 1947 and, since that time, has steadily consolidated its position as a freight forwarding and logistics service provider.

2023 Nauta SA moves its headquarters from Münchenstein to the new domicile in Pratteln.
2022 After 8 years as the managing director of Nauta SA, Mr. Markus Etter is taking his well-deserved retirement. The new managing director will be Mr. René Wernli.
2020 Nauta SA acquires 100% of the shares of Bonatrans AG, a well established freight forwarder with its headquarter in Pfungen and a subsidiary in Münchenstein. The integration takes place as of January 1st, 2021. Subsequently, the company’s staff grows to a total of 85, and the network of partners and agents is being extended, in the German, the Dutch and the French markets particularly, as well as in certain overseas markets.
2014 Nauta SA invests in a new ERP system and, at the same time, also replaces all of the company's hardware. This allows us to invest in cutting-edge technology and makes it possible for us to continuously benefit from the rapid advances in information technology.
2014 Werner Thüring retires after having worked for Nauta SA for 49 years and is succeeded by Markus Etter.
2013 Nauta SA, Agence en douane in FR-68300 St. Louis is founded
2012 Nauta splits from the Ziegler Group of Companies and becomes a sister company of the Leman Logistics Group of Companies, which is headquartered in Greve, Denmark.
2011 Implementation of the French customs system at GZA St. Louis
2009 Certification by Bio-Inspecta for food storage
2006 Opening of the Nauta customs clearing office at the Rheinfelden border crossing
1996 First time all of the company's services are ISO-certified
1994 Nauta is one of the first companies to operate as an Authorised Consignee at the Basel “Freilager” bonded warehouse.
1984 Opening of the Nauta customs clearing office for exports at the Weil motorway border crossing.
1982 Opening of the Nauta customs clearing office for imports at the Weil motorway border crossing.
1980 Opening of the Nauta customs clearing office for exports at the Weil motorway border crossing.
1979 Nauta moves from Basel to its new hedquarters in Münchenstein and significantly expands its warehouse logistics by acquiring over 6.000 m2 of storage space.
1966 Sale of the company's fleet of 7 Rhine river barges and diversification in the global transport sector
1947 Foundation of the Rhine river shipping company Nauta SA with headquarters in Basel.