corona update from China

Please note the urgent news from China that we just received from the CEO of our partner for China, which could have a big impact on us. There are now several cases of Covid both Delta and Omnicron in China. In Tianjin, there are over 200 cases. All employees are working from home. Several districts are shut down. There are also cases in several cities outside Beijing. Port facilities are still operating, but with limited capacity. Truck capacity is also limited. Xian in western China began to open after closure on Dec. 23, but several new cases were detected on Jan. 14, 2022. 2 counties are at high risk and 31 at medium risk. S. China is also affected, with several cases in Shenzhen. The express cargo terminal was closed for 24 hours. The cargo terminal is operating, but only accepts cargo 24 hours before departure. Again, truck capacity is limited Shanghai reported 5 new cases in downtown Jingan district on Jan. 14, 2022. The previous day, there were 2 cases. Searches for contacts are being conducted as we speak. People have been locked up in shopping malls and stores until a PCR test is done. All schools are closed, all children are being tested. Considering that we are approaching Chinese New Year, which is the world's biggest travel season, it is expected that the government will take even more drastic preventive measures. To what extent is currently unknown, but we will know more in a few days. It is possible that there could be a complete closure. We also see that many international airline flights will be cancelled, especially US flights. Charter flights are being denied landing rights or canceled. Ship and rail traffic is operating somewhat normally, but delays are expected due to Chinese New Year. To be continued Translated with (free version)